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April 28th, 2014  |  Comments (0)

m + d

Every event planner is going to tell you they have the greatest clients ever. And many of them are lying… But seriously, we have the. greatest. clients. ever. And we are NOT lying. In an industry full of bridezillas, groomzillas and one or two momzillas, our darling clients have yet to be any of the above. Yes, they can be quite picky and a touch neurotic, but so are we, so it just works. We don’t like to play favorites with our brides and grooms, but if we did, M and D would be right on top of the list. They have that amazing ability to be both down-to-earth and sophisticated, to be calm, cool and collected yet super hilarious, and to always be perfectly tailored while still being unbelievably fun. Honestly, if we didn’t love them so much, we’d probably have to hate them. Their wedding at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa will be just as warm and inviting as they are, and for anyone who knows them, that’s saying quite a lot. We truly, cannot wait for August! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come! xoxo, Sarah & Marla

m + d

image credits (from top left) ceremony by sylvie gil photography; floral dress by paper crown; bouquet by maggie karkov; program by kate macpherson; petal toss by karlisch photography; parasols by jose villa; lemonade by jose villa


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