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March 26th, 2014  |  Comments (0)

Lovely to Meet You!

Welcome to the Park & Grove blog - we are so thrilled you’re here!

We are Sarah Tolboe and Marla Weintraub, the founding partners of Park & Grove Event Studio. We created this company, our greatest achievement yet, after 10 years of friendship. Before we were business partners, we were best friends (and we promise…we still are!). We coincidentally both got into event planning right after college and have spent the past eight years learning everything we can about production & design. When establishing our own brand, we wanted to create something distinctly us. The truth is, we hope you find us as relatable as you do fashionable, as humorous as you do talented and as authentic as you do innovative. We don’t just want our parties to be take-your-breath-away beautiful, but we want them to tell the story of the people we are lucky enough to plan them for. Our clients allow us to have the best job in the world, so in return, the least we can do is to create the most extraordinary party they could ever have imagined. Hopefully, one day, we might even be lucky enough to tell your story.

This blog is the journal of Park & Grove and the countless people and things that inspire us every day. We want you to absolutely love it, so please, let us know anything and everything that might be on your mind. We’ll be updating it regularly, so check back and see what we’re planning, eating, wearing, drinking and celebrating. We truly cannot wait to give you a glimpse inside our world.


Sarah & Marla

Lovely to Meet You!
Lovely to Meet You!
Lovely to Meet You!
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Lovely to Meet You!